6 Jan 2016

And So It Begins!

Thrilled to be blogging about my favourite subjects, and they are edible too.

I hope I find you enjoying the holidays with a hot chocolate if you are in the north, or an ice coffee if you are in the south.

I thought I would start by getting inspired by a few images of deliciousness, just click on their source for the recipe if you are so inclined to bake or make.

I eat.  Mostly.

Find the recipe at toertchenzeit.de you might need to translate it to english with google unless you speak the language.. German?  Those chocolate roses all over are hypnotic.

Two Loves Studio

Chocolate should be included in breakfast, Coffee gets all the credit, but I'm not complaining that's why Mocha was invented.

I tried this the other day, the blackberry comes through quite nicely.  I think it could be enjoyed best with a little milky sweet type cocktail, sip your cocktail then have a little bite.  I also made it as hot chocolate, you can either use light soy milk or regular milk.  Go extra and add half milk, half cream.  Keep in mind the blackberry seeds are present and will float on your cup, I ate them, but you can easily scoop them out.

Have a good evening.