12 Jan 2016

Lindt Arabica Intense Dark Chocolate

A little gift from Christmas, I resisted the temptation to open it right away and kept for later.  It is now later...

It is dark Chocolate at 47% with Arabica Coffee.  I have half a piece at a time.  Smooth and the Arabica is intense as the title says.  But not so bitter like 70% Chocolate for example.  The slight sugar in the chocolate is perfectly balanced to let the coffee shine.  Let it melt in your mouth, just like you should when having fine Chocolate.  Don't chew, that's reserved for chocolate cookies.

Hot cocoa with this?  It should be great, I'll give it a try and let you know.

Great if you crave coffee but want to stay away from too much caffeine, its only at 2% here.  The perfect Mocha in a Chocolate bar.

I would have this as an after dinner chocolate, after one of those fine cuisine dinners... not after your pizza :)